• 1. BYO CLEAN packaging

    Bring your empty, CLEAN containers with you. Or, if you prefer we do have jars, bottles and low-impact brown paper bags in store.

  • 2. The WEIGH IN

    We will weigh your containers at the counter before you fill them, so you only pay for what you fill up with. We don’t want you wasting a bit, so there’s no minimum quantities.

  • 3. Time to SHOP

    The fun part! Browse our range of over 300 products and ask our friendly staff or in-store nutritionist if you need help.

  • 4. Fill up & CHECK OUT

    Once you have filled your containers, bring them back to the counter for a final weigh in and pay. That’s it!


Organic cold-pressed juice now available!

What do you CARE about?

  • How we CARE

    We have no minimum quantities - you can buy exactly what you need so nothing goes to waste.

    We also encourage the use of reusable packaging and community groups help us turn our waste into reusables. We also work with suppliers who encourage return and refill packaging.

  • How we CARE

    We understand unaffordable is unsustainable. We offer high quality bulk foods at affordable prices - after all that’s the point of buying in bulk.

  • How we CARE

    Healthy food is different for everyone. We can provide expert advice on foods suitable for your dietary needs. Gram is owned by a nutritionist who is available at any time to answer questions.

How we CARE


Bulk food is supposed to be affordable. We source the finest quality bulk food and offer them at supermarket prices - minus all the plastic packaging.


We provide home cleaning & personal care products that are grey-water safe and help protect the environment. We also encourage you to refill for extra cost saving and to reduce plastic-waste.  


This is big one for us. Microplastics are a huge environmental problem, because of this you will not find plastic packaging in our store. No plastic ever!


We source our products locally where possible. If we can't source locally we try to source from Australia.


We work with suppliers when possible that encourage return and refill packaging, and we only choose suppliers that are renowned for quality - you could say we are picky eaters when it comes to where we source our products! 


We work with and are always looking to work with groups that help us turn our waste into reusables, and we support up-to-date environmental causes. If you are interested in supporting sustainability, we would love to hear from you!


Following a special diet?
Gluten free / dairy free / vegan?
Need help working out what foods you can or should eat?
We have a qualified nutritionist in-store