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Mixed Peppercorns

Mixed Peppercorns

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Introducing our Exquisite Mixed Peppercorn Blend – a symphony of white, green, pink, and black peppercorns, each adding its unique flavour to create a truly versatile and global seasoning experience. This premium blend combines the sharp, pungent depth of black peppercorns, the complex, nuanced tones of white peppercorns, and the sweet, fruity notes of pink peppercorns, resulting in a harmonious balance that enhances any dish.


Ideal for grinding over dishes before serving, this blend not only adds a beautiful, visually appealing touch to meals but also elevates the taste of everything from simple salads to more complex sauces and marinades. Whether you’re seasoning a steak, a hearty stew, or a light vinaigrette, our Mixed Peppercorn Blend brings a fresh twist to traditional pepper, making it an essential addition to any kitchen.


Ingredients: Black peppercorn, White peppercorn, Green peppercorn, Pink peppercorn

Country of Origin: India 

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