From our sourcing process, to our shop fittings, we live and breathe sustainability

We created Gram Sustainable with the vision of making it easier for people to live more sustainably. 

Our Fitzroy store in Melbourne stocks a wide range of bulk food, home cleaning and personal care products — all free from single-use packaging all at affordable prices.

How we choose our products

We believe making bulk/sustainable shopping more affordable and accessible is a step towards reducing humankind's mindless use plastic.  By helping change consumer habits, we can then influence supply, demand and ultimately reduce the manufacture of plastic. 

We prioritise Australian produce to not only support our local growers and economies but to also reduce freight-associated carbon emissions.  Where Australian isn't available, we choose the closest region possible and consider fair trade and sustainable farming practices when selecting our products. 


How we minimise waste

We partner with suppliers who have their own environmental policies in place and prioritise those who allow us to return packaging for refilling.  For those who don't (yet) allow reusables, we personally ensure containers are recycled and work with our suppliers to move over to a reusable/refillable container system.

We support local community groups who help us turn our waste into reusables. And we let you, our customers,  buy as little (or as much) as you like so that you can minimise your own waste. 


How our stores are designed

We make conscious decisions to maximise natural materials in our fit-outs and limit the use of plastic and synthetic materials.  All our fittings and materials are locally made in Australia by local manufacturers. 

We bank with socially responsible, community-owned banks, use low-energy lighting and appliances and subscribe to green energy to power our store.