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Coconut Oil - Organic

Coconut Oil - Organic

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Our virgin coconut oil is made from mature, organic coconut flesh. The oil from this flesh is then extracted using a cold-press expeller process method (without temperature exceeding 55C). 

This full-flavoured organic virgin coconut oil is 100% cold pressed, free from cholesterol, non hydrogenated, non refined, non bleached and non deodorised. This product is stress free during processing. 

Very rich with unsaturated Oleic acid.

How to use:

Coconut oil can be used as substitute to your favourite oil. Use in your favourite stir fry or baked goods. Coconut oil also makes a fantastic substitute for butter in recipes. Drizzle over your freshly steamed vegetables, salad or soup. Coconut oil also makes a nourishing moisturiser for both the hair and skin. 

Some people also use coconut oil for oil pulling - this involves swishing oil in the mouth to remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene.

If you find the coconut oil is hardened melt in a bowl over hot water. 

*Gluten Free *Preservative free *Vegan

Nutritional information per 100ml
Energy  3700kJ
Protein 0g
Fat, total 100g
saturated 96g
Carbohydrates 0g
sugars 0mg
Sodium 0mg
Cholesterol 0mg


Ingredients: 100% Organic extra virgin coconut oil

Allergens: No Known Allergens. This product may contain traces of Allergens.

Storage: Oil is solidified under 24 C. Store below 30C in an airtight container.

Shelf Life: Up to 24 months when stored as above. See Best Before date.





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