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St David Natural Yoghurt

St David Natural Yoghurt

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St David Natural Yoghurt is made with fresh milk and live cultures, delivering a thick texture, creamy taste and clean, tangy flavor. With minimal intervention, the yoghurt is made in small batches without gums, thickeners or stabilisers, allowing the natural goodness to shine through.

As with everything in our store get as much or as little as you like. 

How to select your packaging: 

For local delivery you can purchase a new jar or we can pick up your empty jar to sanitize and reuse. Please note you can only exchange Gram jars. 

For click and collect please select either I am refilling my jar in store or I will buy a jar.

Nutritional Information: Per 100ml 

Energy 410Kj

Protein 5.4g

Fat, total (saturated) 5.9g (3.8g)

Carbohydrate (sugars) 5.8g (5.8g)

Sodium 35mg

Ingredients: Full Cream Milk, Cream, Milk Solids, Live Cultures

(Small Batch, Slow Ferment, with Added Live ABC Cultures)

Country of origin: Australia

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