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Roasted Coffee Beans - Limu Kossa

Roasted Coffee Beans - Limu Kossa

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We source our coffee beans from Ageyo Coffee. Ageyo Coffee beans are true direct trade. This is very rare when sourcing coffee beans. True Direct Trade means they come straight from the family farm in Ethiopia (from Dad) to Daniel (his son), who roasts them here in Melbourne. This means the coffee beans are fresh, they pass through less hands, they come straight from the farm to you.  

We source these beans in bulk, in metal buckets that are returned to Ageyo for reuse. This process produces no packaging and no plastic waste. 

The Limu Kossa single origin tastes like red currant, almond and dark chocolate

Origin: Ethiopia, Limu Kossa

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Natural

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