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Gram Sustainable

Maple Syrup - Organic & Canadian

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Gram's Organic Maple Syrup is from Canada and is produced exclusively by concentrating pure maple sap - we can guarantee absolutely nothing artificial has been added. Gram's Organic Maple Syrup has a robust rich, sweet, toasty flavour and dark golden colour. A natural sweetener that can be used as a lower GI option compared to other sweeteners such as sugar or honey. Maple syrup is also naturally low in fructose and can be included as part of a low FODMAPS diet. 

Did you know...maple syrup is also an extremely sustainable sweetener. The sugar maple tree is capable of bearing sap for over 200 years and is a renewable resource when harvested and processed in accordance with organic certification procedures.

How to use: 

This Maple Syrup is delicious in hot or cold beverages, home-baked goodies, desserts or savoury dishes. Maple syrup also makes a delicious marinade for tofu or your favourite pork roast. 

You can buy Gram's Maple Syrup online in a reusable jar. Or bring your own container in when you refill in store. 



Organic Maple Syrup. Preservative Free. Paleo.


No known allergens. This product may contain traces of allergens.


Nutritional information: Per 60ml

Energy (kj) 924
Protein (g) 0
Fat, Total l(g) 0
- Saturated (g) 0
Carbohydrate (g) 54
-sugars (g) 48.1
Sodium (mg) 10


Storage: Store refrigerated in an airtight container once opened.

Shelf life:

12 months when stored correctly.