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Chai Spice Mix - Organic

Chai Spice Mix - Organic

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The taste of these chai spices is a harmonious blend of warm, spicy, and sweet flavors. Nutmeg and cinnamon offer a cozy, sweet warmth, while cardamom adds a fragrant, slightly citrusy note. Cloves contribute a deep, pungent spice, and ginger provides a zesty, slightly peppery kick. Black peppercorns enhance the spiciness with a subtle heat, and star anise introduces a hint of licorice-like sweetness. Together, these spices create a complex and inviting flavor profile that is both comforting and invigorating.


How to Use: Perfect for making traditional chai tea, adding a spicy kick to baked goods, or infusing your dishes with a warm, fragrant touch. Simply add the desired amount to your recipes and enjoy the depth of flavor this blend provides.

Ingredients: Nutmeg Chips, Green Cardamom Pods (TBC), Whole Cloves, Cinnamon Chips, Cut Ginger, Cracked Black Peppercorns, Star Anise


Country of Origin: Proudly made in Australia using a blend of local and imported products, our Chai Spice Blend brings together the best spices from around the world.


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