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Almond Milk - Vegan

Almond Milk - Vegan

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Made fresh to order using activated Australian almonds with just a dash of organic Canadian maple syrup and a pinch of pink Murray River salt. Our almond milk makes the perfect, all-natural, creamy milk alternative to use in your daily coffee, hot choc or smoothie. 

Our almond milk is nutritionist-developed and made fresh in-house. 

No emulsifiers, no vegetable oils, no added sugar, no dairy and no plastic


Disclaimer: our plant-based milk is unpasteurised (which means raw). This milk may not be suitable for pregnancy, children, the elderly or people with a weakened immune system.  

Ingredients: Water, 25% Australian Almonds, Canadian maple syrup, pink Murray River salt 

Allergens: Contains almonds and may contain traces of other tree nuts

How to select your packaging: 

To participate in the bottle exchange, you must have previously purchased a Gram Bottle. This allows you to exchange it on your next order. We will collect your empty bottle, sanitize it, and reuse it. Note: Only Gram bottles are eligible for exchange.

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