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Pimento Powder - All Spice

Pimento Powder - All Spice

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Allspice is the red berry of the pimento, an evergreen tree growing in the West Indies, South America, Central America and Mexico and goes by many names: Allspice, Pimento Powder and Myrtle pepper. The properties of Allspice are stimulating, aromatic, and carminative.


The name comes from the berry’s taste, which has been described as a combination of cloves, juniper berries, cinnamon and pepper. Allspice adds a distinctive aroma to dishes both sweet and savoury.


How to use: Ground allspice is used to season meat, soup, stew, vegetables, and baked goods. You can use how you use ground nutmeg, cinnamon, or cloves. It is most often used at the beginning of cooking or baking.


Storage: Store in an airtight container. 


Ingredients: Ground Pimento


Country of Origin: Mexico


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