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Star Anise

Star Anise

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This product is made from the star-shaped pericarps of the Illicium verum tree fruit, which are picked and dried right before the fruit is ripe. Star anise is a bit milder than anise seed, but it still has a strong flavour. It goes well with Indian food and can even be used to make tea. It gives spice blends, sweet or savoury recipes, and hot drinks a wonderful depth. They also look so pretty!

How to use: Star anise is used in a lot of Indian and other Asian dishes. It is also a very important part of noodle soup that is famous in Vietnam. Anise Stars add more flavor to marinades and dressings, curries, hot pots, and rice dishes. You can change up dessert recipes by adding star anise.

Ingredients: Anise Star Whole

Allergens: No allergens. May contain traces of allergens.

Shelf Life: Up to 12 months if stored as per storage instructions. Always see best before date.

Storage: Store Anise Star in an airtight container. Keep the storage container in a cool, dry place and prevent sunlight exposure. Refrigerate the product if you live in a warm area.




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