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Roasted Hazelnuts

Roasted Hazelnuts

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Roasted Hazelnut is one of the most popular nuts out there (think Nutella mmm!). Carefully roasted, these little beauties are a warm golden colour and they develop a rich, full, slightly toasty flavour. The roasting process removes most of the skin. We don't add any salt or oil while roasting Hazelnuts, so our customers get the authentic taste when they buy this product. Roasted Hazelnuts have many applications, and they are the perfect healthy stand-alone snack as well.

How to use: 

The most common use for Roasted Hazelnut is in the form of a stand-alone snack. This product can also be mixed with other nuts, dried fruit, and seeds to make snack time healthier and tastier. Roasted Hazelnut also goes well with porridge, granola, and muesli in chopped form. Roasted Hazelnut can be turned into a butter by grinding it and can be used as a spread (mix with a little cacao and honey for a Nutella twist). Mix Roasted Hazelnuts with salads, stir-fried dishes and hotspots to enhance their taste. Or you can also add Roasted Hazelnut to baked items to add a tasty crunch to them. This nut also makes for a great addition to homemade desserts and chocolates.

Ingredients: Hazelnuts

Allergens: Tree Nuts, Allergens resulting from cross contamination

Shelf Life: Up to 12 months if stored as per storage instructions. Always see best before date.

Storage: Store Roasted Hazelnuts in an airtight container. Keep the storage container in a cool, dry place and prevent sunlight exposure. Refrigerate the product if you live in a warm area.




Serving size:                                           50 g

Average Quantity


Per Serving

Average Quantity


Per 100 g




1345  kJ


7.4 g

2690 kJ


14.8 g

Fat, total


– saturated


– sugars

30.7 g


1.35 g

2.55 g

2.2 g

61.4 g


2.7 g

5.1 g

4.4 g

Sodium 2 mg 3 mg


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