Eco friendly cleaning products

What are some eco-friendly cleaning products that actually clean and disinfect?

Cleaning is one of the many responsibilities of maintaining a healthy home. But did you know that using chemical based cleaning products can have a negative impact on your children and pets? Not to mention, using chemical based cleaners can cause serious damage to the environment.


With that said, there are green alternatives to synthetic based cleaning products that are just as effective as regular cleaning products and you can find all these eco-friendly alternatives to regular cleaning products that disinfect and clean at Gram Sustainable.


Most people who want to ditch chemical based cleaning products find it difficult to replicate the cleaning effectiveness of regular cleaners using eco-friendly alternatives.


However, there are some eco-friendly cleaning products that disinfect and clean without harming the environment. This article will list all those green cleaning products, so keep reading.


Eco-friendly cleaning products that actually work


When you count the number of chemicals that are present in synthetic cleaning products, you can easily see why they are not safe for children and pets.


Eco-friendly cleaning products contain cleaning agents that make them safe for the environment and human health. Also, outside of their chemical makeup they also will often discourage the use of plastic.


Without further ado, here is a list of green cleaning products that actually deliver results:


Citric acid

Food grade citric acid is used in various foods and beverages to give them a sour taste. The acidic nature of this cleaning product makes it a great cleaning agent, and it can disinfect surfaces.


If you are looking for a safe product for cleaning kitchen surfaces, dishes, floors, bathroom, carpets, and other household items then citric acid is worth a try. It's effective for removing soap scum, hard water stains, calcium deposits, lime and rust.


When you are buying critic acid for cleaning, make sure you buy from a bulk supplier or in eco-friendly packaging.


To use citric acid as a cleaner for most surfaces combine with water. If you are using to clean your dishwasher, place the citric acid where the detergent would go and complete a cycle. Dirty dishwashers no more, citric acid is actual magic for a dirty dishwasher!   



Bicarbonate of soda also known as baking soda is a cheap yet effective natural cleaning agent that can be used for cleaning and eliminating odours.


The reason why baking soda is so effective in cleaning is because it has very fine grains that are abrasive when scrubbed on a surface. So if you want a product to clean grease and dirt from solid surfaces, then baking soda is it.


Not to mention, if you combine baking soda with a detergent, you can increase the amount of lather it produces. However, the most important cleaning application of baking soda comes from its ability to eliminate odours.


You can get rid of refrigerator, and oven odours by cleaning the surface using baking soda - you will be surprised how effective it is at removing odours.


White vinegar

You can find a bottle of white vinegar lying around in almost every household. However, did you know white vinegar is an excellent disinfectant?


Research has proven the antibacterial properties of this natural cleaner, and you can use it for cleaning most surfaces.


The fact that white vinegar offers antibacterial properties at a fraction of the cost of synthetic antibacterial products makes it affordable for everyone. You can buy a bottle of white vinegar and simply add some water to it, and it is ready to clean and disinfect surfaces.


If you don't like the smell of vinegar add some essential oil for a more pleasant smell (which we can do for you at Gram).


When you are buying white vinegar, make sure to buy clear vinegar because coloured vinegar can often leave stains on surfaces.


Once you distill white vinegar with water, you get the same acidity that you get from synthetic cleaners. However, unlike synthetic cleaners, white vinegar is completely safe and doesn’t contain unwanted chemicals.


Benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products

Now that you know about all the best eco-friendly cleaners, it is also important to know that they are not just good for the environment and your family’s health. Here are some additional benefits that you can expect when replacing your regular cleaning products with natural alternatives:

  • A single green cleaning product can fulfil a diverse range of cleaning needs. If you head to the supermarket you will often find one-product-for-one-purpose. Eco-friendly cleaning products prove that’s just rubbish (literally)!
  • Most eco-friendly cleaning products are cruelty-free as they aren’t tested on animals.
  • Mild green cleaners are good for individuals who have sensitive skin that can get irritated by chemicals.
  • There are no hidden ingredients in green cleaning alternatives, you know exactly what you are using to clean your home.
  • You can save a significant amount of money by using affordable green cleaning products.



If you had been wondering do natural cleaning products kill bacteria and disinfect, we hope this article has answered those questions for you. If you want to buy sustainable cleaning supplies, visit Gram Sustainable today at 350 Brunswick St, Fitzroy in Melbourne to stock up on green cleaning supplies and refillable personal and cleaning products. We have everything you need in store to help you live a zero-waste lifestyle.

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