Gram's Easy Almond Butter

Gram's Easy Almond Butter

If you're after an easy and tasty alternative to peanut butter, then try this easy Almond Butter recipe.  

Our Almond Butter recipe will give you a sweeter and creamier than peanut butter (especially if you use our fresh Aussie almonds from Gram).  Almond Butter is great wherever you'd use peanut butter.  But because of it's sweeter and milder flavour, it's maybe more versatile.  Delicious when dollopped on morning oats or chia puddings.  Add a spoonful to your smoothies.  Smother your toast or crackers.  And an excellent topping on ice cream too.

This recipe will use 2 cups of Gram's fresh and tasty Raw Aussie Almonds and will take just 20 minutes to make if you're roasting the almonds fresh.  Or just 5 minutes if you're using our Roasted Aussie Almonds.  Plus you can flavour it to your taste and make it as thick and chunky or smooth and runny as you like.  




2 cups Gram's raw Australian Almonds
Optional 1-2 tbsp of peanut, avocado or vegetable oil and salt, sugar and flavourings to suit your taste. 



Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Place the raw almonds on a parchment-lined baking tray and roast for 10-13 minutes. Shaking them once at around the 8-10 minute mark. 

Let the almonds cool completely, to room temperature. Transferring them to a cool tray (or your kitchen bench) will let them cool quicker.

When cool, transfer the almonds to your blender.

If you're using our Aussie Roasted Almonds, you can forego the above steps.  

If you're adding oil for a smoother consistency and salt, sugar or other spices, add them to your blender now. 

Place the lid on your blender and remove the cap. Insert the tamper through the lid. Turn the blender on high and use the tamper to continuously push down on the almonds, particularly in the corners. If you don't have a tamper, stop the blender every 15 seconds and scrape the side of the blender with a spatula. 

After one minute, you'll have almond butter.

Transfer the almond butter to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator. 


By Charlie Redel -

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