Fun & Low-Waste Christmas Gift Ideas

Fun & Low-Waste Christmas Gift Ideas

The annual Gumtree Unwanted Gifts Report, conducted by YouGov last year found that 53% of Australian adults (8.5 million Aussies) received at least one unwanted Christmas gift in 2020.  This equated to $572 million of wasted Christmas spending and thousands of tonnes of waste.  

Christmas doesn't have to be a burden on the wallet and planet. With a little imagination and some creative thinking, you can be kind to the planet while making sure our loved ones know you care.  Plus with delivery delays and supply chain issues expected this year, maybe it's time to try something different.   

So take a moment and think about these ideas before you head-out shopping for gifts this weekend.   


Buy Less

It can be tempting to shower your loved ones with lots of gifts.  But doing so increases the chance your gifts will go unused and end-up in landfill.  Buying one meaningful gift can be just as impressive as a basket full of gifts.  And it'll mean less in landfill in the long term.  


Give an event instead of a thing

Tickets to a show, a fancy dinner out or a great home-cooked meal.  Luxury seats to a movie, a weekend away or even a skydive, massage or beauty treatment.  Giving someone an event can generate much less waste than a gift, but can be just as - if not more - memorable.  


Make Something

Not everything you give has to be bought from a store.  Making something special like an artwork, a knitted item, some tasty baked-goods or pantry supplies can be a wonderful heartfelt gift.  Chilli Oil is always a winner with the spice lover.  Some tasty homemade jam using decadent fruits (like blueberries) will give a weekend breakfast lover months of enjoyment.  Maybe a home concocted tea blend for the tea-lover or a selection of seeds for the garden lover.


Think Practical...  

Practical gifts like Gram's personal care and home cleaning products are great.  You can personalise our premium range of shower gels and hair care products with your choice of scent.  Your recipient can enjoy using them every day and when they're empty, they can be refilled over and over again. The same goes for our luxury home cleaning bottles.  Turn a chore into a bit of joy with our frosted glass bottles filled with concentrated, Melbourne-made cleaning products that smell great.   Perfect! 


Give gifts that don't need batteries...

The number of batteries sold in November-December is almost equal to the number of batteries sold from January-October.  They're a huge environmental hazard.  So choosing any alternative is a great place to start.    


Buy Locally Made, Artisanal or a Keepsake...

Most gifts given at Christmas come from half-way around the world, are made of plastic and will break before Christmas comes around again next year.  A locally-made artisanal gift or a quality keepsake will likely last a lifetime and be cherished for many years to come.  


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