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Caramel Chocolate Buttons

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Think of that famous Caramilk flavour, just without the packaging. These buttons are perfect for baking or, if you really can't wait (and we suspect you won't be able to), eat as is. Their small size makes them quick and convenient to handle or cook. These delicious caramel chocolate buttons are made from the finest quality ingredients, including the cocoa used being Rainforest Alliance Fairtrade Certified. They are rich, full of flavour, with a smooth silky texture.

How to use: 

This convenient caramel buttons can be used in, homemade ice creams and other desserts. Because of their shape and ingredients these buttons melt easily at a low temperature of about 35o C. Use our easy method by placing the caramel chocolate in a bowl over a pot of hot water and stir with a wooden spoon until smooth and melted. Drizzle the caramel chocolate over your favourite dried fruit (we love it with our dried pears) or put in many other recipes. 


INGREDIENTS: cocoa butter; caramel powder with milk fat (skimmed milk powder, whey powder (milk), sugar, anhydrous milkfat, natural vanilla flavouring) 21.0%; whole milk powder; caramelised sugar 1.5%; emulsifier: soya lecithin; salt; natural vanilla flavouring

ALLERGENS: Milk & soy 

ENERGY 2364 kJ
FAT TOTAL (SATURATED) 35.4 g (21.5 g)
CARBS TOTAL (SUGARS) 52.4 g  (51.9 g)
SODIUM 0.56 mg


SHELF LIFE: 12 Months 

STORAGE: Store the product in a clean, dry and odourless environment. Storage Temperature : 12 - 20 °C