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Although Couscous is often considered a grain, it is technically a pasta. Our couscous is 100% preservative free, from France and full of nutrition. This product is obtained from durum wheat after it is milled, crushed and strained so that our customers can have the finest couscous in its purest form. Couscous can be prepared with little effort making it a great addition to quick recipes.

How to use: 

Using Couscous is as easy as it gets. Simply add one cup of couscous to one cup of boiled water or broth and salt to taste. Let the couscous soak for 5 to 7 minutes and stir with a fork to fluff the Couscous. You can also add butter or oil and spices to enhance the taste of couscous. This grain is popularly served with salads, curries hot pots, roasted vegetables, mushrooms, and grilled chicken. Couscous is also tossed with nuts, and dried fruits by adding cinnamon, nutmeg and coconut to the mix.

INGREDIENTS & ALLERGENS: Couscous (Durum Wheat Semolina), Preservative Free.

ENERGY 1570 kJ
PROTEIN 12.7 g
FAT TOTAL (SATURATED) 0.6 g (0.2 g)
CARBS TOTAL (SUGARS) 72.4 g  (2.5 g)


ALLERGENS: Gluten, May contain traces of other allergens.

SHELF LIFE: Up to 12 months if stored as per storage instructions. Always see best before date.

STORAGE: Store Couscous in an airtight container. Keep the storage container is a cool, dry place and prevent sunlight exposure. Refrigerate the product if you live in a warm area.