Australian Figs Now At Gram Sustainable

June 2020

Delicious Australian Figs are now available at Gram.

Delicate in taste and texture, imported varieties can’t compete with these bundles of goodness.
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March 2020

It seems everyone's rediscovering their ovens during iso.  So to keep us occupied and our creativity going, we're holding a weekly Gram Virtual Bake-Off. 
Every week, we'll post a new challenge.  With free ingredients for those participating.  
You can pick your own recipe.  And to make it more fun, post your stories, wins and fails (cos we all need a laugh at the moment) to instagram and tag #gramvirtualbakeoff. 


CHALLENGE #1: Hot Cross Buns

hot cross bun GRAM
It's Easter, so what better way to start the challenge than with Hot Cross Buns.  Or 'Hot Cross Bunnies' as Marc, our boss, likes to call them. 

There's only a few things better than a hot, hot cross bun on an Autumn day.  And anything that is better, we'll likely end up making those in the bake-off series anyway! 
FREE INGREDIENT: For this challenge, we're offering our mixed fruit to every customer participating in the challenge. Up to 250g per customer and while stock lasts.

GRAM SHOPPING LIST: Plain Flour, Dried Yeast, Sugar, Mixed Spice, Salt
Get baking and share your fun with everyone via #gramvirtualbakeoff 


CHALLENGE #2: Easter Cakes / Cup Cakes

We're sticking with the Easter theme this week.  Mostly because everyone deserves at treat right now but not everyone likes chocolate. 

So what's an Easter Cake? 
It's a cake (or cupcakes) flavored or decorated with an Easter theme. Use your uneaten eggs (if such a thing exists) as decoration.   
Easter Nest Cakes (google them) look almost too good to eat.  Create something a little random like a Carrot Patch Cake or make some simple cupcakes decorated with bunny faces.

FREE INGREDIENT: Call us crazy, but for this challenge, we're offering every bake-off participant up to 500g of White Self Raising Flour for free. But only on Easter Saturday and Easter Monday.  And only while our stock lasts. 

GRAM SHOPPING LIST: Self Raising Flour, Caster Sugar, Salt

Get baking and remember to share your fun with everyone using #gramvirtualbakeoff



Without dawn services and parades to get to, what's the best way to pay tribute to our service women and men during iso? 

Bake the best ANZAC Biscuits you can make of course! 

FREE INGREDIENT: Your rolled oats for this challenge are free this week.  So come in and let us know you're doing the challenge and we'll sort you out with 2 cups of rolled oats for free.

GRAM SHOPPING LIST: Rolled Oats, Plain Flour, Caster Sugar, Shredded Coconut, Bicarbonate Soda.

Happy biscuit-making and remember to share your fun on instagram using #gramsustainable and #gramvirtualbakeoff




Here’s your perfect excuse to make fresh pasta! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It’s Gram Bake-Off #4 and all you need this time is eggs, flour and maybe a kitchen bench. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It doesn’t matter what kind of pasta you make or what recipe you follow.

FREE INGREDIENT: We’re giving away 2 cups of our ‘pasta perfect’ Tipo 00 Flour to anyone participating in the challenge

GRAM SHOPPING LIST: Tipo 00 Flour, Salt.

Just tag your fun with #gramvirtualbakeoff and @gramsustainable in your Instagram posts.


CHALLENGE #5: Bagels


Wonderful to some. Weird to others. It’s #gramvirtualbakeoff No.5 and this week, we’re making Bagels!
Over 100 people come into Gram every day for flour and we always ‘ask what’s baking?’ This week, it seems everyone’s giving bagels a try.
The fun part about making these chewy bits of yum is topping them with your favourite seeds, nuts, herbs or sweet concoction.
So get those pots boiling!

FREE INGREDIENT: Up to 2 cups of Bakers Flour. Just come into store and and tell us you’re joining the bake-off.

GRAM SHOPPING LIST: Yeast, Baker's Flour, Brown Sugar, Salt.

Happy bagel baking everyone and remember to tag #gramvirtualbakeoff and @gramsustainable in your Instagram posts.


CHALLENGE #6: Tea Cake


It’s our final ISO Bake Off!
Hooray to catching-up with our loved ones again and showing-off our new ISO baking skills.
So if your guests are coming over for a quick (but safe) hello, be a good host and serve-up your best tea cake.

FREE INGREDIENT: Up to 2 cups of All Purpose Flour. Just come into store and and tell us you’re joining the bake-off.

GRAM SHOPPING LIST: Nuts, All Purpose Flour, Cinnamon, Icing Sugar, Spices.

Happy baking everyone and remember to tag #gramvirtualbakeoff and @gramsustainable in your Instagram posts.

GRAM Sustainable now open

January 2020
   GRAM SUstainable is now open: Come visit us at 350 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

We'll take you through our full range of MYO personal care products.  Body & Hand Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Face Wash and Body Oil - all made with your own selection of essential oils.