Gram Franchise

Want to be the hub of fun, easy, sustainable shopping in your local community?
Want to inspire people and be part of a collective change towards lower-impact living?

Then a Gram store might be for you.

We created a disruptive business model to the traditional wholefoods industry that works. Now, we're sharing it with anyone who's excited about sustainability.

At Gram, we're unwavering in our commitment to inspire change in how we live and consume. Our franchise model is simple and flexible to help as many businesses as possible get on board to facilitate collective change.

If you're keen to know more about opening your own Gram store, fill out the details below and we'll be in touch.

Some considerations:

Beneficial qualities: Fun, energetic, woke, community players. Passion for both environmental and social sustainability. Ethical approach to decision making. Leaders. Mentors. Sharers. Contributors. Effective communicators. Commitment to local economy. Respect for brands and internal systems. A social conscience. Collective over individual.

Investment guidelines: $200-250K depending on site & fit-out.
Terms: 5 years with 3 & 5 year options.
Resale available: Yes
Flexible fit-out and design options: Yes
Training: Operational, management and marketing - Provided
National Marketing: Provided
Brand Licence Fee: Yes
Ongoing Operational Fees: Yes